Free control panels for Windows hosting

Need a free control panel what will help you to simplify Windows hosting management operations?

Here is what I've seen out there:

DotNetPanel Express Edition (Free)

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Scalable and Cost-effective Control Panel for Windows Hosting (Free version). A perfect choice for VPS and dedicated server owners, home hosting, education and evaluation purposes.

MachPanel (Lite Edition)

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MachPanel Lite Edition is the light-weight version of MachPanel and its enterprise extensions. It is fully functional free for life-time version of the product. Lite Edition is aimed at facilitating small start-up hosting companies and administrators of small companies. The Lite Edition license is absolutely FREE and it never expires. All the upgrades, both major and minor, are available free of charge.

Web Controller

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Web Controller provides administrators with the tools they need to manage and maintain their websites easily and efficiently using only the web browser. You can use it to sale hosting services or for your personal email and website management needs.

ZPanel Control Panel

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ZPanel is a hosting control interface developed for both Windows and Linux hosts.